Dementia Skills Programme Registration

Thank you for participating in the Belong Dementia Skills Programme.  The Dementia Skills Programme has been designed in conjunction with Cognisco (an assessment consultancy) to evaluate the effectiveness of Belong’s approach to dementia care and in-house dementia care training.

About the Dementia Skills Programme
This evaluation is aimed to help Belong improve Dementia Care training by providing results of what training has been understood on the whole, as well as by offering you a guide on your own level of understanding about dementia care. 

The Dementia Skills Programme consists of 3 modules:
  • Resident Health and Experience
  • Understanding Dementia
  • Care Strategies
Please ensure you take all three modules.  For your convenience, you may stop and restart the modules as needed to suit your schedule, without losing already completed answers.  However, we would recommend that you complete them during the same day.  They will take, on average, about 10 minutes per module to complete.

Before you access the modules, please complete this short registration survey.  The registration will help us understand what training you have had and how long you have worked in your position.  Once you have completed the registration, you will be given an example of how to complete the Dementia Skills Programme, which includes an example of the style of question being used.

Accessing the Dementia Skills Programme
Once you are at the log in page of the Belong system, to enter the system, please use your work email address as the user name and your employee number as your password.

If you unsure of these details, please speak to your trainer or if you are having problems access the system, please contact

Select "Next" to take the registration survey.